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Flooding in Cambodia
Update: Here is a link to a YouTube video of the floods around our twinned Parish of Chomnaom

Both Battambang and Chomnaom are experiencing severe flooding. In both places, as in the rest of the region, many roads have become rivers and gardens have turned into ponds. In Chomnaom, all fields (including the Church's fields) are submerged and the rice crop has been ruined. Most dwellings, including Battambang presbytery, are surrounded by water, and water has gone into the worst affected houses (see photo of Pranya, one of the people whose life story appears in Then the Khmer Rouge Came).

The kindergarten in Chomnaom has had to close. Charities like Caritas Cambodia have organised the distribution of emergency supplies (to Chomnaom among others) captured in numerous videos.

The charity Support Cambodia has launched an emergency flood appeal. Chomnaom is one of several places they hope to help. Funding will be shared between the areas in need, with priority to areas where little or no other help is available. Donations can be made through their website:

Please pray for our Cambodian brothers and sisters.

Battambang Presbytery Pranya in her house A main street in Battambang


Flooded rice field

Flooded house

Lida (Tep Im student) near the river in Battambang

Sister Tu and the girls in her orphanage