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Covid-19 Route Map: Step 4 Guidance  

The Bishop’s Conference have issued guidance in regard to the easing of restrictions from 19 July, in which they highlight that the general principles of creating a safe environment in places of worship should not be abandoned.  Key measures which remain in place include:

Provision and use of hand sanitiser on entering the church.

Wearing of face coverings in church.

Ventilation of buildings (especially during and between services)

Maintaining a good standard of routine cleaning.

Track and Trace (QR codes or paper slips) remain in use.

The Offertory Collection will remain as a static collection with remote or contactless giving continuing to be an option.  

The physical exchange of the Sign of Peace remains suspended.

Holy Communion will continue under one kind. Communion is recommended to be distributed in the hand, but if people wish to receive on the tongue, they should wait until the end of the communion line and receive then.

The full document can be found here

You should continue to follow guidance for the safe use of places of worship

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales also has details of how this relates to Catholic churches in particular.

In Our Parish

Mass is celebrated in St. Mary's and Holy Family & St. Michael Churches during the week and on Sundays: Mass Times These may be altered on occasion and details will be published in the Newsletter.

Mass from St. Mary's church is Live Streamed . These Masses are indicted by LS on the front page of the Newsletter.

For those attending Mass online you may find the Act of Spiritual Communion of help.

Note the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended, you can attend Mass on another day.

If you attend Mass, we are supporting the NHS Test and Trace programme. For details of how click here

It is still possible to request a Mass Intention.

Your financial support of the parish is still important. Click here for details of how you can help.

In these difficult times we can continue to support our friends both at home and abroad. Our Support of the local food bank FIND is just as important now as ever. We also have regular updates from our Friends in Cambodia.

COVID-19 risk assessment  Revised 19th July 2021