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Parish Family Groups

1. They start in the Parish

Getting to know and supporting our fellow parishioners by sharing each other's joys and sorrows and so building the Christian community as in the early Church. Parish Family Groups welcome every parishioner –not just those in families.

New parishioners find - in both our churches, St Mary's and Holy Family – that, through simple, social fun gatherings (always involving food!) they are given a real sense of belonging in the parish. People have developed friendships they wouldn't necessarily have formed and have been able to share in the happiness and sorrow of fellow parishioners.

2. They go beyond Parish and Faith boundaries

With hunger, loneliness and isolation so prevalent in our society, there is a genuine need for people to know and support one another. Family Groups help to create an open minded atmosphere, reaching out to the local community and beyond. Our focus is on people caring for, loving and accepting one another.

3. Their Origins

Parish Family Groups are part of the world-wide Passionist Family Group Movement

Look out for Parish Family Group events advertised in the newsletter - everyone is welcome!