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The Secular Franciscan Order is an Order in the Church for lay people (married or single) who are seeking to live a more committed Christian life taking their inspiration from the unique life of St Francis of Assisi. Members make a permanent commitment to live the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the spirit of St Francis of Assisi, following a Rule of Life approved by the Pope. They strive to lead lives of continuing conversion - through a life of penance, evangelical simple living, and prayer - supported by programmes of formation. It is a vocation to a way of life lived in the spirit of the Beatitudes, drawing inspiration from the lives of St Francis and St Clare. Members of the OFS live as other people in their local communities, in their own homes, they marry and raise families, they work. They are immersed in their environment just as their neighbours. They have a strong Franciscan spiritual life and often become active members of their parish. “You are an Order: a lay Order, but truly an Order” as Pope Saint John Paul II said, quoting Pope Pius XII. Further information about the OFS is available on our website: Secular Franciscans