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Silent Prayer

(Mediation - Contemplative Prayer)

Silent Prayer is the belief, steeped in the Scripture - that God is to be found deep within the stillness of ourselves because His language is silence.

No training or membership is required - just come as you are, come when it suits you.

What actually happens? About a 10/12 people each week, gather together in peoples homes. Armed with directions from the Parish newsletter, people arrive at about 7.30; have a ‘cuppa.’Then all are drawn into silence by monastic music. All worries, all prayers even, are set aside. There is just relaxation and peace, staying in the moment. After 25 minutes, that haunting music gently returns all back to their world.

Accessibility All Silent Prayer sessions are on the ground floor.

Since March 2020

After nearly seven years, the physical gatherings for Silent Prayer had to cease but nobody wanted to stop … so we now gather together on the same evening at the same time, in our own homes –apart but still together. People feel a sense of connectedness and encouragement knowing that 20-30 are gathering too.

If you need further information

Telephone or email St Mary’s

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